Can We Be a Guest At a Wedding?

Congratulations Amanda and Brandon Roberts!

I have been a guest at a wedding! Rare, but tantalizing! The groom of the newly married Roberts couple is a friend of ours from high school, and they exchanged their nuptials at the Heritage Museum in Santa Ana. It's a gorgeous Victorian style house with a beautiful outdoor gazebo and patio decked out with chandeliers! The weather was perfect and the bride was gorgeous! She wore a vintage headpiece passed down from family members that I thought was a stunning way to get your something old and borrowed!

My favorite part of the wedding was the food! We munched on burgers cooked on site by the Country Garden Caterers! Their food displays not only looked delicious, but they were beautifully ornately decorated to catch every one's eye. Me and another guest went running over to the display to take a picture of the tall orchid display they were setting up around the food. We couldn't decide if they were real or fake. Turns out they were fake, but they were gorgeous!

However, as a guest this time, I have to be honest with you, I had a hard time just sitting at my table and enjoying the wedding. Don't get me wrong! They wedding couldn't have been more enjoyable for guests, so props to the bride and groom for planning well done! But I like the view of a wedding from behind the scenes directing it all! I like to be behind the scenes watching the guests enjoy the fruits of our labor.
Just to do what I'm used to, I took a moment to chat with the DJ, Mike from Turtle Boy Studios about the timeline and what is going on behind the scenes. This is where I like to be! Don't worry, I did hit the dance floor and the photo booth before heading home for the night... which is weird because usually I'm the last person to leave the wedding as the coordinator. :) I'm looking forward to many weddings in my future, whatever the role! Congratulations Amanda and Brandon! This is a new chapter for you with many years of happiness in the future!


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