Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Double Knot in Two Places at Once!

It is amazing to me how every wedding is so incredibly different, but they all contain the same ingredients! This year has shown us an amazing array of events from overlooking the ocean on a cliff in Malibu to backyard tent weddings, they are all so unique and fun!

The photos to the right and left were taken by Jared Dever of Amberglow Studios. He did an amazing job capturing the wedding we did in Malibu back in May! It was quite a storybook setting with the Stone Manor overlooking the ocean!

Leah and I stopped running around for a quick pose for the camera! We have our two way radios that help us magically be in two places at once! This is how we managed to have the bridesmaids and groomsmen walk from the opposite sides of the Stone Manor! The guests commented that we looked like twin JLo's from The Wedding Planner Movie! What a compliment! :)

Having two coordinators is essential to creating a flawless event. For example, sometimes it is tricky to keep the bride and groom away from each other before the ceremony, but with The Double Knot, you can be sure that nothing will happen. One coordinator stays with the guys, and the other stays with the girls! Easy as pie, especially since we have our two-way radio communication.