Love Conquers ALL!

Hello Bloggers! What an amazing weekend it was as The Double Knot helped celebrate the marriage of Kandyce and Tyler. Unfortunately, the night before the wedding, the trailor containing all the decor, flowers, menus, programs, ceremony items, chair decor, candy station and more was stolen from the hotel parking lot. The family was distraught and threatened to call off the wedding, but The Double Knot wouldn't let them. A marriage is about love which is one thing that a theif can never take away from you. We still had the marriage license, the rings, the attire, the favors, the placecards, the amazing team of vendors, and a beautiful venue. There was most definitely going to be a wedding! We are so grateful that the Maya hotel brought in their florist, linens, and a professional candy station last minute to help complete the event. The Double Knot gathered up items from our vendors, friends, and family to finish it off! Thank goodness for social networking! It turned out to be a beautiful event with so much happiness and wonderful memories! It is truly amazing how a little teamwork can go a long ways! Special thanks to Photographer Dee Dee Dallas (D2 Photography), DJ Alan Meade (5 Star Mobile DJ), Officiant Alan Katz (SoCal Officiant), Cake by Rossmoor, and Sashes by Isabel (Dream Decor).

At the end of the day, I think we all have learned to appreciate what we have and remember why we are here! Weddings are about love and starting a new chapter in our lives, but sometimes we all get caught up in all the details of planning the event, that we forget to step back and think about why we are doing this. Even if there are no flowers or handmade menus, there is still love! That is why we are here! Nothing can stand in the way because LOVE CONQUERS ALL!! Here are the testimonials from the newlyweds and their family:

"You went above and beyond your job description to give us the most amazing wedding. You provided the emotional support and even brought supplies from your own wedding to give us the most amazing wedding. Our guest could not believe what you were able to do in 6 hours.
Your dedication to our wedding and our happiness was very heartfelt. Our wedding would have been ruined after the trailer with the entire supplies for the wedding and reception was stolen during our rehearsal dinner. Had you not been our coordinator we would have had to cancel the entire wedding the evening before .You were determined to give us the most amazing wedding in spite of what happened. We are forever grateful to you. You are second to none!" ~ Mother of the Bride

"We are truly in awe of you. You were the calm after the storm. Your quick actions and devotion to give us the wedding that the thief tried to steal from us is the only reason the wedding went off without a hitch. You convinced us to stand up for our love, face the world together and not to let what happened ruin our day. You stayed up all night making table names, creating centerpieces, making calls to vendors, friends and family to give us the most beautiful wedding. We never imagined the ceremony and reception would have looked so amazing. You continued to fight for our wedding when we gave up and wanted to call it off. We were married only because your hard work and dedication made our wedding happen. You are the most amazing wedding coordinator! We can never thank you enough for what you gave us. We are forever grateful.
Love and prayers always,
Tyler & Kandyce Earley"

This wedding was a true life lesson... When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Never give up on your dreams and remember to appreciate the things that no one can take away from you!


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