Monday, August 24, 2009

Weddings! I love weddings! Drinks all around!

I apologize for taking so long to write! It has been so busy! Our high school friends got hitched in May, and I got engaged in June! Now I am planning my own wedding! I must say that it is so weird being on the other side! I realize now that I like being behind the scenes because I embarrass myself when I am in the center of attention! hehe. But enough about me!!

Our May wedding was a blast and a one-of-a-kind wedding! We were lucky enough to be the coordinators while still being a guest at parts of the reception. The reception took place in the backyard of the bride's parents house which is a medium sized backyard with a pool. At first we weren't sure how to fit 150 people in this backyard, but by using some space saving techniques we made it work even better than we thought it would!

How to save space:
  1. Put the DJ in a creative spot! We put him on the balcony overlooking the back yard so he took up no space at all!
  2. Use existing architecture! For a previous wedding, we tucked the place cards in tulle that was wrapped around the balcony post!
  3. Use square tables! By lining up "picnic" type tables, we fit 150 chairs in a circle around the dance floor! We thought we would have to collapse some off the dance floor after dinner if we couldn't fit them in, but it saved so much space, that we didn't put any on the dance floor!
  4. Put the cake out of the way of danger! We put the cake on the other side of the pool where people were not likely to damage it. It also helped spread out the onlookers when it came to cake cutting time because they had to stay on the other side of the pool!
  5. Use the house! We put the caterer inside, cleared the dining room of furniture and set up a buffet. Also, we set up the kitchen as a bar where the bartender served drinks. He even made margaritas!
The event was amazing! The tables circled the dance floor, which was great because when the dancing started, guests could stay seated. My favorite part was the bride and groom's first dance because their guests blew bubbles onto the dance floor while they waltzed across the floor! It was truly magical!! Bubbles everywhere!

The food was amazing! Thank you Blue Agave for helping us create another event with food that was amazing enough to make my mouth water!!

The first photo was taken by Susan Nunn Photography at a previous wedding, and the second and third photo was taken by Gabriel Owens Photography.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Leah Got Married!!

Two weeks ago, Leah, one of The Double Knot's own, officially tied the knot and did so in style! The event took place at The Diamond Bar Center in Diamond Bar overlooking the beautiful valley just after the rain cleared up. Multiple tints of red roses combined with an asian flair created an event to remember!

The first picture is of Leah becoming the bride! These photos are not professional photos, but they are still a lot of fun!

It truly is amazing how planning a wedding for your own family can feel so different! Fortunately, it felt very easy because we have done so many before. The hardest part was completing the details that we don't normally get to do: creating the guest list, planning speeches, determining seating charts, and posing for pictures! So much fun it was to be on the other side of the camera!

Using great vendors makes a difference at an event where timing is crucial and teamwork is essential. We had over a half dozen vendors come in and transform the entire ballroom in less than two hours! It was gorgeous with the uplighting and floral displays!

Although we planned Leah's wedding ourself, we hired a wedding coordinator to help out on the actual day of the event. Like what we provide for our clients, our coordinator organized the vendors, and gave us peace of mind. We knew that each element of the wedding was in it's place and there was someone there to make sure of it. Besides, the florist and the baker isn't going to set up the guest book table, direct guests, decorate the honeymoon suite, provide an emergency kit or organize the processional and someone has to do it!