Monday, March 2, 2015

Gabi & Luke - January 17, 2015
Photo by Dawn Alexandra Photography
Top 10 “Not-so-Obvious”
Reasons to Hire The Double Knot:

1.            We help you ask the right questions when it comes to vendor research.

In the planning stages, every type of vendor is different and it helps to let our experience work for you when you meet with them. We ask the questions you didn’t think about because let’s face it, you have never done this before! For example, what happens if they have an emergency? Do they require a certain amount of time to load in or out? Do they need their own power source? Are there any delivery or overtime fees? The list goes on and on...

2.           Save time doing research!

We make vendor research easy because we already have relationships in the industry. By utilizing our long list of preferred vendors, you don’t have to go looking for vendors yourself! Plus, our preferred vendors are on our list because we love working with them and vice versa. They are not paying us in anything but great service. If you use our list, you will have peace of mind that your team consists of professionals who will show up on time and be prepared to give you great service and a great party.

3.           We make sure your timeline makes sense & works for your vendors.

Each vendor has been booked for a certain timeframe, and they can charge for overtime if you run behind schedule. We are there to ensure that you get your money’s worth and aren’t paying on the spot for overtime charges. Also, we know what to watch out for and how to organize your timeline so you are sure to have enough time for getting your groove on at the end of the night. Running on schedule is our goal, but that said, we still stay flexible and read the crowd while working with your vendors involved to smooth out any surprises behind the scenes.

4.           We can be your outside opinion, voice of reason, and the middle man.

Not sure how to respond to all the family throwing their opinions at you? Bring their “recommendations” to us and we can give you our professional (and therapeutic) advice so you can make the right decision for you. Plus, it’s just nice to have an experienced planner to go to for questions and advice because you know that asking mom will just frustrate you more! And in most cases, the wedding industry has changed a lot since mom did this last, right? Am I wrong?

5.           We help you save money, and we recycle stuff!

Every event is different, but sometimes we can help you prioritize, combine vendors, adjust packages, and negotiate contracts to help you stick to the budget that you were hoping for. Also, some of our preferred vendors offer our couples a discount because they love working with us! We also like to recycle leftover wedding decor and items, so no need to buy votives, a money bag, or an envelope box for example because we have one and if you like it, you can use it!

Dawn Alexandra Photography
6.           We make sure every detail is set and utilized.

Brides spend a lot of time working out the details and creating beautiful DIY projects. We make sure that each item is placed out and utilized properly. For example, you won’t have to worry that the guest book might get overlooked because we go the extra mile to pass it around to your guests during the reception so that you get more love (and the messages get more detailed and sentimental too!). 

7.           We make sure you eat, drink, and be married!

A lot of couples are so busy during their event that they don’t get a chance to eat the food that they spent so much time, money and energy picking out! We make sure you have minimal distractions and get to enjoy your first dinner together as a married couple. For buffet dinners, we even bring the food to you saving you a little extra time!

8.           We make sure you don’t lose your stuff.

Let’s face it: it is difficult to find things at the end of an amazing party, right? With The Double Knot, we do your set up and your clean up so items are placed right back into the same box they came in. We are also the last to leave an event, so any items that are found by the venue clean up staff get found and returned to you by us. No one likes to come back the next day to look for lost items because the staff who was there that night will not return until the next event, and who knows where they stashed your stuff.

Dawn Alexandra Photography
9.           We help you enjoy your day more fully (stress and Bridezilla free).

Because of #1-8 above, you get to enjoy your event by seeing and doing more! During the event, couples get what we call “tunnel vision” and can only take in so many moments. So, if they are worried about vendors, and timelines, how are they able to enjoy seeing grandpa boogieing on the dance floor or enjoying the flower girl do her own rendition of “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)”? We take care of those other details so you don’t have to.

10.         We aren’t here to enjoy the party... we are here to make sure that you do!

It is always nice when family members offer to help, but they also want to enjoy the celebration (and libations). Don’t stress your family out by making them work all night! They want to spend time with out-of-town guests. They don’t want to worry about where we are on the timeline or what still needs to be set up. Also, you will have peace of mind that your clean-up crew will not be affected by an open bar so your breakable cake topper will be in good hands. We are invested in making sure everything goes well and will not be distracted by family and friends (or the open bar).  We want your family to relax and enjoy the event as much as you!


“You ladies are THE best!!!!! I can't tell you thank you, thank you, thank you enough! We hold you in high esteem, from the first day we met to the end of the evening; you're very professional and personal. BEST IN CLASS!!!”

– Mother of the Bride 1.17.15


Written by Linsey Fornaca & Leah Tung of The Double Knot

Friday, May 23, 2014

Where We Started

The Wedding Planner Poster.jpg

You could say the spark started back in high school when The Wedding Planner movie came out (2001), because ever since then, my sister and I have known that wedding planning and coordination was the direction our lives were meant to go. We can prove it because every class project and senior project was fashioned around our future dream business and the wedding industry. Our passion and drive to help brides and grooms was there, but we had no idea how to make it happen. Then, I came across the CSUF Entrepreneurship program and was inspired to go through the motions of opening up an official business. Here is our story.

Before being a part of the Entrepreneurship program, I felt lost and had no idea what to do to get started. My major was undeclared for a long time because I wanted something that was going to help me plan weddings, but I couldn’t commit to one subject. Everyone I talked to laughed at me for wanting to plan weddings and in their lack of understanding simply said, “Good luck with that!”  

Then, I discovered the Business Administration Degree with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship, and I gave it a leap of faith. To my great surprise, from the very first Entrepreneurship class, I knew that this was where I was meant to be. It almost brought me to tears how contagious and inspiring it was to feel the energy of the other entrepreneurs in my class. The Entrepreneurial spirit was tangible because everyone had their own dream and they weren’t afraid to show it and support others who had a similar dream. The attitude was that everyone else was going to work for us someday. Every mentor was excited about the idea for my business and suddenly I didn’t feel so outnumbered. The program and its students gave me the hope and support that I so desperately needed in order to feel confident in starting my own dream business.  With the important tools, real world mentors, and team exercises that were offered through this program, we finally had the support that we needed. Looking back now, we feel like the luckiest girls in the world for the help and advice that was given to us through CSUF Entrepreneurship.

What do we do? We are The Double Knot, a wedding planning and coordination business here to help you “tie the knot without doing a lot – with a double knot.” It started as just my twin sister and I doing what we love by helping others turn their dream vision into reality, and is steadily growing to include additional assistants as well!  Our packages range from our day-of event coordination services only to full and complete planning guidance.  We understand that every bride has different needs, so we can customize a package for you and your budget. Now we have been doing it for years and our passion is still going strong! Our website features dozens of happy couples’ testimonials to help you feel comfortable about your decision in letting our experience work for you! Sit back, relax, and enjoy being the center of attention while we take all your plans and make them happen.  Our services always include access to our giant emergency kit, setup and teardown assistance, coordinators on two way radios, rehearsal and day-of coordination.  

Why spend time learning how to do something perfectly for the first (and last) time you will ever be doing it? Check out our website, because I think you and your guests will be glad you did. Our passion for helping other peoples’ dreams come true is how we turned our own dreams into a reality.  Thank you again to CSUF’s Entrepreneurship program for making it all possible.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Jeff & Lauren

What can we say about this wedding other than it was magical! The core of their relationship revolved around swing dancing, so that was what they did! The guests enjoyed the ceremony outdoors, took a quick swing dance lesson, and then got their groove on in the banquet room of Etiwanda Gardens. Who knew that we could fill up a dance floor that large! This wedding is better summed up in pictures:






A Happy Ending...

Megan & Spencer

Congratulations to Megan & Spencer! They designed a beautiful day complete with fireworks and lawn games! Starting at a church in Orange, and ending at the Heritage Museum of Orange County, the day went super smooth! There were three sets of twins including us and the flower girls!
These two were a pleasure to work with and always kept us laughing. They are the definition of true love!
Natural un-posed photos are always my favorite!

Quick photoshoot at the Orange Circle!

The Heritage Museum of Orange County

Bouquet Toss

Gettin' Down

Complete with Disneyland Fireworks!

Grand Exit

Home made directional signs

Beautiful reception in the rose garden

Country Garden Caterers did an amazing job!

Guests enjoyed playing lawn games