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Gabi & Luke - January 17, 2015 Photo by Dawn Alexandra Photography Top 10 “Not-so-Obvious” Reasons to Hire The Double Knot:   1.             We help you ask the right questions when it comes to vendor research. In the planning stages, every type of vendor is different and it helps to let our experience work for you when you meet with them. We ask the questions you didn’t think about because let’s face it, you have never done this before! For example, what happens if they have an emergency? Do they require a certain amount of time to load in or out? Do they need their own power source? Are there any delivery or overtime fees? The list goes on and on... 2.            Save time doing research! We make vendor research easy because we already have relationships in the industry. By utilizing our long list of preferred vendors, you don’t have to go looking for vendors yourself! Plus, our preferred vendors are on our list because we love working with them and vi

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